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Mutual Fund Selection

Once the client's asset allocation has been determined, the no-load mutual funds which will go into the portfolio must be chosen. Using mutual funds is an extremely effective and efficient way to invest in various investment asset classes. It gives our clients access to some of the best institutional money managers available, and a high level of risk-reducing diversification; and it allows us to specifically target an asset class by handpicking funds which are excellent representatives of that class.

Currently the universe of mutual funds has grown to over 10,000. That's more than the number of stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

We draw upon many years of experience in mutual fund investing. IMA and its predecessor have been investing in mutual funds since the 1970s making us a pioneer in the field. Our company monitors mutual funds through personal meetings, telephone calls, SEC filings, periodic reports to shareholders, mutual fund information services, and through attendance at conferences and speeches.

Continuing Involvement

IMA's personal involvement does not end once a client's portfolio is constructed. The investing process is a continuing one. We bring discipline and lessening of emotion to the portfolio management process. This generally results in low portfolio turnover, although changes may be required if, for example, a client's objectives shift substantially over time.


IMA also has provided comprehensive and clear performance tracking and reporting. We have provided our clients with quarterly reports that we feel are among the the most educational and interesting in the industry. Please click for a set of sample reports

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