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Learning Center

This section of our site is designed for individuals who are interested in learning a little more about investing and modern investment theory. On this page you will find definitions, short articles, charts, tables, and links to other sites which might further your knowledge of investing.

What's New?

Welcome to the Learning Center Page

Welcome to the new Learning Center section. We have placed a few informative pieces here to start things off. Don't miss the first piece, Twenty-Five Years of Diversified Investing, it is a great illustration of why a diversified portfolio is best. 


If you have any feedback on what you might like to see in this section please Email us. For information on contacting us visit the IMA Contact Page. We would like to hear from you.


Twenty-Five Years of Diversified Investing 

A table showing the performance of various investment asset classes for 25 years beginning in 1974. Believe it or not, large US stocks aren't the only way to go. This table depicts how asset classes perform quite differently from one year to the next, showing why holding a diversified portfolio will benefit investors over the long run. GO!


12 Differences Between Stockbrokers and Independent Investment Managers

Many people don't know how investment managers differ from stockbrokers. This list will spell out some of the major differences between the two. GO!


Six Rules for the Small Investor

Six simple rules which can be helpful for smaller investors. GO!


Alphabet Soup and What's in a Name?

There are a lot confusing names and letter designations out in the investment world (i.e. MBA, CFP, Registered Investment Advisor, Financial Planner, etc). These two articles will help you to understand what they mean. GO!


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