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Why Should You Have IMA Manage Your Investments?

Sophisticated Techniques

IMA brings clients the same approach used by large institutional investors. This  sophisticated, modern approach relies on asset allocation as the main determinant of portfolio performance.



IMA and its predecessor have been investing in mutual funds since the 1970s making us a pioneer in the field. Our experience enables us to make excellent decisions for your portfolio.


Client Oriented

IMA does not use generalized model portfolios. We will work with you to determine your specific financial objectives, income needs, risk tolerance and time horizon in order to create an appropriate portfolio for you.


Low Cost

IMA uses low cost, no-load mutual funds to keep clients' expenses to a minimum. IMA's annual fees are often lower than other money managers in the field. This helps our clients to most fully realize their investment potential.


No Conflicts

Unlike brokers, insurance salespeople and most financial planners, IMA receives no commissions. We have no incentive to push any particular investments. Our only incentive is to make your portfolio grow.



The diversification inherent in mutual funds, along with proper asset allocation, significantly lessens your account risk. This diversification also gives you exposure to a greater variety of markets and securities than is possible through holding a comparable portfolio of individual stocks and bonds. You also are free to close your accounts at any time.


Comprehensive Reporting

Our clients have historically received an in-depth, easy to understand review of their entire portfolios as well as a commentary on the current state of the financial markets that affect them. Brokerage firms generally do not offer such complete, clear reporting. For samples of IMA statements please follow this link to the Sample Reports Page.


Your Time is Valuable

Managing a portfolio can be a full time job. Your investments will be monitored by an experienced investment professional and you will have peace of mind in knowing that your investments are in good hands. 


Small Sized Accounts

IMA accepts accounts as small as $50,000. Most comparable investment management firms have minimum account sizes of $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $1 million or more. 

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